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Lada Plihalova - Czech women physique competitor, figure, bodybuilder
benchpresser, personal coach and nutrition advicer


As you know I tried to resettled to North America and currently I am not allowed to work, while waiting for a result of my visa process. I thought I am done with sport due to that... but I can not help myself... I am hooked. I decided to compete two more years to get 20 years on stage under my belt, but I know I will end up in debt at the end of the season...

I know there is a lot people who likes muscular women and are willing to help. Any donation counts... Even 1$ may help me...

I do not want to be a freeloader. You, who knows me, know I am always trying to have a LEGAL job, to do something and help others often for free. You all knows I started also my online sites as personal coach, but it takes time to build a new brand. I am searching for sponsors from sport nutrition area, I started a new membersection too... I am not sitting and doing nothing...

This campaign is just about willing to help in times, when I am really desperate and broke.

Bless you all, who decided to help me!

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