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Lada Plihalova - Czech women physique competitor, figure, bodybuilder
benchpresser, personal coach and nutrition advicer

Online coaching, nutrition plans, training plans etc.


Where to find me as online coach and nutritionist? 

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Online training plans for all people - shaping the body, fat loss, weight gain, prep for shows. I offer both training and nutrition plans and for competitors complete backup and really individual approach in peaking week of the show!

I offer single plans with 14 days of unlimited consultations and 1-2 changes of the plan according the body response or month to month unlimited plans, their changes and consultations good for competitors and serious clients with long therm goals. For month to month programs discounts are possible - ask me about them.

As a prep coach I am able to help bikini, figure, physique and even a bodybuilder athletes.

Contact me either via email or my personal facebook page or, where you may find also training tips, our clients, recipes, articles and many others things.

For athletes preparing for Spring season = it is upon a time to book your training!

My clients, results, measurements, testimonials and references as well as seminar reviews are HERE IN THIS ALBUM

Everyone is welcome to see what people think and how they change. All pics used with the permission of my clients and under conditions my clients allowed me to publish.