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Lada Plihalova - Czech women physique competitor, figure, bodybuilder
benchpresser, personal coach and nutrition advicer

Welcome on personal pages of Lada Plihalova - 2009: Nationals 1st runner up in Figure , World championship finalist in Figure II.(4th), 2010: World Champion in raw benchpress, 2011: European Cup Champion in Figure, World championship finalist in Bodybuilding (5th), Universe runner up (2nd) in Bodybuilding class, NPC Pacific USA Champion and Desert Classic Champion in Bodybuilding and 2013 Arnold Amateur championship finalist in Women Physique(5th)

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March - Lada did not placed well at her third Arnold Classic 2015. She was not allowed to go crossover to Masters Figure and as Physique (she decided to go instead) she placed 19th (ranked place and not last though).




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June - there is a big serial about Lada`s whole journey at her pages where you may follow her whole career from baby steps to this year... ENJOY! 

May - in MEDIA are added two links with interview after Desert Classic show. 

April - Lada retired at Desert Classic in Las Vegas by placing second in WPD class and winning female bodybuilding class. 

March - Lada attended at her second Arnold Amateur in WPD, but unfortunatelly was completely overlooked and ended up last place, you can see girls who won over her at her FB page in album WAS IT REALLY DESERVED, your opinions are welcome


August - NEW Exclusive, raw and unleashed interview with Lada

August - New training log with dialy updates RX board  

March - Lada sucessfully represented her country on Arnold Amateur championship in Women Physique class. She got to top 5 and ended 5th place.


August - New interview with Lada about the nutrition: 

July - Lada featured on RX :

July - Lada started a new blog about sport with a lot of ADVICES : where you may get a lot of usefull info and tips. Also she started a new online coaching at:

March - Lada on her vacation in USA tried to explore new WPD possibility for her however placed 5th and 8th place, because of being too big for that. However was a "learning journey" what to improve for the next seasons. Her official rest in this season starts from now... Anyway she still wants to be ready for shooting and videos of her lifestyle. She plan two more big shootings later in Spring...

February - Do not forget new video channel and facebook page are on. Added three various healthy recipes and a bunch of trainings and posing vids. Enjoy.


November - Do not forget to check new site "Videos" with trainings etc. and new galleries "Training". Enjoy.  

13th August - Lada WON bodybuilding class on NPC Pacific USA championship in Anaheim, California.

18th June - Lada placed 2nd in Extremebody class (HW bodybuilding) on WFF Universe in Baden in Austria. Winner was Karen Felix from France. Lada fought for gold there and showed that she definatelly belongs to the World stage quality competitors.

4th June - Lada Plihalova placed 5th on World championship NAC in Physique class. Winner was Fanny Palou from Spain.

29th May - Lada Plihalova won her first home-competition in Brno. Was easy as competition was low, but was first test start before her main goal - Autumn shows. Lada come back after a year off, when she focused on strenght. She came 4.4 lbs heavier than 2009. Autumn plans later cancelled.




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